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Childrens Rights  updated 29/11/12  
Co-hosted with the University of Otago, Faculty of Law
Editors; Alan France, Robert Ludbrook, Pauline Tapp, Mark Henaghan
Grammatical Editor; Manasi Kogekar
Student page manager, Manasi Kogekar

Civil and Political Rights  updated 11/4/2014
Editors; Paul Rishworth, Jennifer Curtin 
Student page manager, Danielle Ou 

Commercial Actors and Human Rights  updated 11/4/2014 
Editors; Richard Boast, Sarah Joseph, Petra Butler
Grammatical editor, Eunbee Yoon
Student page manager, Eunbee Yoon

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights updated 11/4/2014
Editors; Mayra Gomez, William Wood, Ken Jackson, Alice Mills, Brett Theil, Mark Busse, Louise Humpage, Claire Charters , Margaret Bedggood, Chye-Ching Huang 
Student page manager, Shelley Deng

Freedom from Arbitrary Detention updated 13/11/12 
Editors; Stéphanie Bürgenmeier, Elizabeth Stanley
Grammatical Editor, Shelley Deng
Student page manager, Eloise Muirhead

Freedom from Discrimination updated 1/8/13 
Editor; Caroline Blyth , Natalie Baird
Grammatical editor, Stephanie Kilpatrick
Student page manager, Stephanie Kilpatrick

Freedom of Expression  updated 14/5/2013 
Co-hosted with the University of Canterbury, School of Law
Editors: Gavin Ellis, Maria Armoudian, James Oleson, Ursula Cheer, Joe Atkinson , Geoff Kemp
Grammatical editor,
Student page manager, Richa Gejji

Freedom of Religious belief 
Editor; Richard Collins, Guy Charlton, Bradley Miller
Grammatical editor, Kushal Lal
Student page manager, Kushal Lal

Freedom from Torture updated 19/11/12
Editors; Stéphanie Bürgenmeier, Elizabeth Stanley 
Grammatical editor, Richa Gejji 
Student page manager, Eloise Muirhead 

History and Philosophy of Human Rights  updated 31/10/12 
Editors; Stephen Winter, Maartje Abbenhuis and Willem van Gent, Chye-Ching Huang
Student page manager, Samantha Beattie

Indigenous Rights updated 22/10/12 
Editors; David Williams, Richard Boast, Guy Charlton, Mark Busse, Louise Humpage , Natalie Coates , Mick Dodson, Brad Morse, Claire Charters
Grammatical editor, Nadia Jude
Student page manager, Lee Lon Wong 

International Criminal Justice updated 1/8/13 
Editors; Chris Mahony, Anna Hood, Stéphanie Bürgenmeier, Treasa Dunworth
Grammatical editor, Gretta Shumacher
Student page manager, Jade Cooper 

International Humanitarian Law (law of armed conflict) updated 29/11/12 
Editors; Anna-Laura Duval,Treasa Dunworth, Anna Hood, Maartje Abbenhuis, Thomas Gregory
Grammatical editor, Pia Andreassen
Student page manager, Manasi Kogekar

Refugee Rights updated 11/2/13 
Editors; Louise Humpage , Jay Marlowe, Lucy Hovil, Sue Elliott, Natalie Baird, Mike Asplet
Grammatical editor, Rory Kruse
Student page manager, Jeannine Kruse

Regional and Domestic Human Rights trials updated 12/12/12 
Editor, Juliet Chevalier- Watts
Grammatical editor, Pia Andreassen
Student page manager, Pia Andreassen

Right to Education updated 13/6/12 
Editor; Luke Fenwick
Grammatical editor, Shae Courtney
Student page manager, Hana Mlinac

Right to a Fair Trial   updated 29/11/12
Editors, John Ip, Warren Brookbanks, William Wood, James Oleson,

Right to Health updated 16/4/2013 
Editor; Peter Davis, Pat Neuwelt, Carmel Williams, Alison Blaiklock, Willem van Gent , Sione Tu’itahi, Rachel Simon-Kumar

Right to Privacy  updated 12/12/12 
Co-hosted with the University of Canterbury, School of Law
Editors, Stephen Penk, Rosemary Tobin, Ursula Cheer
Student page manager, Samantha Beattie

Right to Vote updated 27/9/12
Editor, Jennifer Curtin
Grammatical editor,
Student page manager, Lee Lon Wong 

Truth, Reconciliation, and Historical Memory updated 12/12/12
Editors; Stéphanie Bürgenmeier, Elizabeth Stanley, Stephen Winter
Student page manager,


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