The New Zealand Centre for Human Rights Law, Policy and Practice

Our people

Meet the members and staff of the New Zealand Centre for Human Rights Law Policy and Practice.

A number of people are involved in the Centre in various ways. The governance of the Centre is carried out through an Advisory Board, which advises the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Auckland as to those matters.

The day-to-day operation and also the strategic planning are carried out by our Director and Deputy Director, who report to the Dean and the Advisory Board. In carrying out the planning and operations, the Director and Deputy Director consult with members of our Consultative Committee and our Academic Members.

The Consultative Committee is comprised of members of civil society – both organisations and individuals – who want to become involved in the work of the Centre. Our Academic Members are people who work as academics in the area of human rights in Universities.

In addition, we have Research Fellows, who use the Centre as a base for their research activities. Finally, we have people who are available to carry out the research and case work of the Centre: these are our Research Associates, both students and graduates who are able to carry out projects.


Director: Rosslyn Noonan

Visiting Research Fellow: Sylvia Bell

Founding Director 2012-2013: Kris Gledhill

Founding Deputy Director 2012-2013: Chris Mahony

Editor of the Centre's Human Rights e-bulletin: Saral Alawi and Selwyn Fraser


Advisory Board

Andrew Butler
Tracy McIntosh
Sarah Owen
Adam Ross
Paul Rishworth
Justice Lynton Stevens
Judge Christine Inglis
Andrew Stockley


Academic Members

University of Auckland members

Maartje Abbenhuis - History of neutrality, First World War, History of the Netherlands, Borderlands theory and history

Mike Asplet - constitutional and administrative law, legislative process and the domestic application of international human rights, humanitarian and criminal law

Joe Atkinson - Political communication, Journalism, New Zealand media, Campaign media, Television news

Margaret Bedggood - human rights law, especially economic, social and cultural rights; human rights and religion/theology

Klaus Bosselmann - International and comparative environmental law, Public international law, Global governance

Caroline Blyth - Biblical gender politics, Feminist biblical criticism, Hebrew language studies

Mark Busse - Social organisation, Reciprocity and markets, Intellectual property, Inequality, Papua New Guinea

Malcolm Campbell - History, Australia, Ireland, Migration

Claire Charters - Indigenous People's Rights, Human Rights in New Zealand, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Natalie Coates - Maori customary law, Legal pluralism, Maori customary law and Western legal systems

Jennifer Curtin - Gender, Political institutions, Australia, Women, Representation, North America

Peter Davis - Sociology of health including health inequalities, health services research, public policy

Treasa Dunworth - Public international law, Arms control, Disarmament, International conflict

Gavin Ellis - News media ownership, Norms and practice of journalism, Media politics, Propaganda

Alan France - Youth culture, Youth and New Media, Youth policy, Youth Crime, Young people

Justice Lowell Goddard - humane treatment of detainees, torture prevention., special needs of children and young persons in custody, mental health detainees, female detainees

Thomas Gregory - Civilian Casualties, Political Violence and War

Natasha Hamilton-Hart - Business and government, International finance, Southeast Asia, Natural resource sector

Stephen Hoadley - Foreign policy analysis, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, United States, Europe and Middle East

Chye-Ching Huang - tax, economics, fiscal, comparative

Louise Humpage - Social citizenship, Young people, Welfare reform, Indigenous affairs, Refugee policy

John Ip - Counterterrorism and human rights, Criminal justice, Sentencing theory and practice, War on terror

Bonnie Jackson - Internally displaced persons, Design, monitoring and “Real Time” evaluations (DM&E), Disaster risk reduction, Climate change adaptation

Danielle Kelly - South Pacific legal systems and culture, Constitutional law, Customary law and pluralism

Geoff Kemp - Political thought, history of ideas, press freedom, censorship

Anita Lacey - Poverty reduction, Urban development, Feminist methodologies, International organisations

Jay Marlowe - Refugees, Resettlement, Personal and communal trauma, loss and grief, Youth wellbeing

Janet McLean - Human rights and administrative law, Theories of rights, Equality, Remedies

Alice Mills - Prisons, Mental health, Criminal justice, Reintegration

Pat Neuwelt - Equitable access to health care, public health, health and human rights

James Oleson - Criminal justice, Sentencing, Elite criminality/genius deviance, Penology, Crime and popular culture

Scott Optican - Criminal procedure, Evidence, Comparative Bill of Rights law

Stephen Penk - Tort law, Privacy law, Civil remedies, Vicarious liability

Khylee Quince - Maori and the law, Criminal law, Youth justice, Women and the law

Steven Ratuva - Pacific politics, Transnational crime, Indigenous intellectual property, Affirmative action

Paul Rishworth - Constitutional law, Bill of Rights, Comparative law, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion

Susan St John - Incomes policy, Pensions/retirement policy, Family economics

Kathryn Smits - Contemporary historical political theory, Liberalism, Cultural diversity, Indigeneity and justice

Ted Thomas - Administrative law, constitutional law, human rights, human dignity and substantive rights

Rosemary Tobin - Media law, Tort law, Accident Compensation, Defamation, Defective building liability

Pauline Tapp - Children’s Rights, Youth, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Family Law

Julia Tolmie - Criminal law and justice, Domestic violence, Equality for women

Susanna Trnka - Political violence, Right to health, Human rights in post-communist societies

Hanna Wilberg - administrative law, public authority liability

Carmel Williams - health and human rights; global health, health and development, maternal and child health

David Williams - Treaty of Waitangi, Indigenous justice, Aboriginal title in New Zealand, Maori customary rights

Stephen Winter - State redress, Collective responsibility, Rights theory, Democracy


Other members

Eman Alhussein - Middle East

Natalie Baird - Discrimination, ESC rights and Refugee rights

Sekhar Bandyopadhyay - India, South Asia, nationalism, caste

Alison Blaiklock - health and human rights; child rights; public health

Petra Butler - International, comparative, context focused, interdisciplinary

Julie Cassidy - Indonesia,policing, gender, sexuality

Ursula Cheer - privacy, freedom of expression

Guy Charlton - Maori jurisprudence and indigenous law, mental health law and immigration law

Juliet Chevalier-Watts - Equity, trusts, human rights

Sharyn Davies - Indonesia, Policing, Gender

Antje Deckert - Sociology of criminal law, Criminology, Criminal narratives, Media and crime, Indigenous peoples

Kate Diesfeld - Disability law, Mental health law, Therapeutic jurisprudence

Mick Dodson - Indigenous Rights and Human Rights in Australia

Sue Elliott - Education, refugees and displaced people; gender analysis

Luke Fenwick - Education; leadership; poverty

Gautam Ghosh - Anthropology, Political theory, Liberalism, Time

Mark Henaghan - family law, relocation, genetic testing of children, rights of the child

Anna Hood - Public international law, Security Council, International criminal law

Grant Huscroft - constitutional rights judicial review

Richard Jackson - Terrorism discourse, Torture, Political violence, Pacifism, Conflict resolution

Sarah Joseph - human rights, economic globalisation, media, social media

Amrita Kapur - International criminal law, International Humanitarian law, International human rights law

Robert Ludbrook - Children’s Rights, Youth, Child, Youth Advocacy, Adoption

Thomas MacManus - law, criminology, crime, resistance

Bradley W Miller - legislated rights, bills of rights, constitutional interpretation

Bradford W. Morse - Indigenous, environment, co-management, comparative

Robert G. Patman - globalization, US, security, sovereignty

Elizabeth Stanley - State crimes, human rights, social justice

Lena Tan - postcolonialism, constructivism, North-South relations

Valmaine Toki - Recognition of Indigenous Rights

Bret Thiele - Economic, social and cultural rights

Margaret Wilson - Cultural rights, Women and the law, Women and politics, Employment equity

William R. Wood - Restorative justice, juvenile justice, crime and punishment, social responses to crime

Jason Young - China; Development; Rural; Politico-economy

Daniel Zirker - Civil-military relations and problems of democratisation

Research Associates

Pia Andreassen - International human rights law, refugee rights, indigenous rights, children’s rights

Samantha Beattie - International Human Rights, Medico-Legal issues

Catriona Britton - International law, human rights, history of international law and human rights, women's rights, minority rights, human trafficking, children's rights, international criminal law and justice

Shelley Deng - judicial creativity, constitution, sovereignty

Gayathiri Ganeshan - criminal justice, international law, indigenous rights, gender and sexual diversity, refugee and immigration law

Willem van Gent - History of health and medicine, New Zealand history, Human rights law, Cultural rights, Right to health

Richa Gejji - International Human Rights; International Public Law; Conflicts of Laws

Lucy Hovil - refugees, conflict, transitional justice, Africa

Anne-Laure Duval - protection and human rights in post disaster relief, human rights based approach to alleviate poverty and improve the effectiveness of aid

Nadia Jude - Human Rights issues concerning Australian Indigenous affairs, Refugee rights, Australian Immigration policies
and Women’s rights.

Stephanie Kilpatrick - Womens Rights, LGBT Rights, Refugee Rights

Manasi Kogekar - humanitarian intervention, minority groups' rights (e.g. refugees, migrants, homosexuals), children's rights, women's rights, policy

Angela Koh - Law of armed conflict, international criminal law, social justice, global justice

Jeannine Kruse - Europe, Refugees and Migrants, Education, Humanitarian Intervention

Rory Kruse - Australian immigration policy and refugee rights, gender equality and LGBT rights, ‘hierarchies of rights’ and the preferencing of civil and political rights over economic, cultural and social rights

Kushal Lal

Sianatu Lotoaso - Immigration, political processes and policy, and identity politics & justice

Lona-Marie Mikha - International human rights, International Criminal Court complementarity, privacy, corporate finance, corporate governance, regulation of the financial markets, securities law

Eddie Ochoa - Economic, Social and Cultural rights, human trafficking, human rights issues in China

Danielle Ou - International law, human rights, policy, women's rights, minority rights

Hana Mlinac - International case studies, infringement on HR, state rights and the role of international organizations, private entities and the ideological beliefs that create norms/convetions and set precendents on how states should treat one another (environment), HR Law and whether it needs better enforcement

Eloise Muirhead - Torture, Arbitrary Detention, Violence and Conflict, International Law

Richard Potter - international human rights law, criminal law and evidence law

Kun Qian

Amber Sainsbury - Culture and development, education, children's rights, Human trafficking, gender, particularly in relation to the MDGs, child labour and child soldiers

Gretta Schumacher

Rebekah Silver - Refugee Resettlement and Policy, Gender Studies, Children's Rights

Maanya Tandon - Gender and international law, post-colonial and feminist theory, women’s rights & reproductive rights, indigenous peoples’ rights.

Sione Tu’itahi - Health and human rights, determinants of health, health promotion, indigenous health, Pacific health

Eunbee Yoon - Human Rights, Policy, Commercial Actors and Human Rights